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Finding the Right Laundry Delivery Service for You in Franklin Square, NY

Has your day job exhausted you to the core? Do you just want to forget laundry as your responsibility and burden? Perhaps the only thing getting in the way of taking it slow is the dreaded task of washing and drying. HappyNest is a pickup and delivery laundry service that is equipped to help the residents of Franklin Square, New York kick up their feet. We make the process of signing up quick and easy to follow because we know your to-do list is ever-growing. It only takes a few minutes to sign up with your soon-to-be favorite full service laundry:

  1. Download our app on the App Store or Google Play; or visit our website and schedule your pickup and drop off dates. Whether weekly or by request, HappyNest home laundry service is here to serve Franklin Square residents.
  2. Customize your laundry preferences in your laundry profile. Choose your detergent and softener preference.

What brands do we have, you ask?

  • Detergents: Tide, Gain, Cheer, All Free & Clear, Seventh Generation
  • Softeners: Downy, White Vinegar
  • Dryer Sheets: Bounce
  • Bleaches: Clorox, Oxi-Clean
  1. Leave your dirty clothes in a designated bag on the porch and we will be by to pick them up and deliver them within twenty-four hours.

On the Move in Franklin Square

You want to get out there as soon as possible, now that you’ve found a laundry pick up service that serves your area. Here’s a few perks about our laundry service that you should know before you run out the door:

  • Our laundry service caters to the Franklin Square resident in New York who likes order and consistency, which means you have the option of signing up for a weekly pickup. But if you need some flexibility? The “By Request” service is only a click or phone call away.
  • Did you know that you get a Welcome Kit once you sign up with HappyNest’s laundry service? Our Welcome Kit consists of one blue laundry bag and a welcome card with getting started instructions. If a special attention bag is needed, please call customer service at (866) 682-3781.
  • You can modify your notification settings to receive text and/or email reminders to leave your laundry on the porch for pickup before you get your keys and start your drive through Franklin Square.
Franklin Square

What will you do while HappyNest’s laundry professionals collect your clothes? Starving Artist Cafe and Gallery is a unique breakfast hot spot (and not such a bad place for art-lovers, too!) Starving Artist Cafe Let your mind settle on your mug of Bohemian Raspberry tea and Florentine flatbread. With HappyNest’s help, laundry will never again take up real estate in your head!

Franklin Square

From Franklin Square to Hempstead: A Short Drive for a Long Walk

Getting help with laundry is just one form of self-care. Are you looking for a new walking path? Kennedy Memorial Park is only a few minutes away from Franklin Square, and is the perfect location to walk and forget the stresses of a busy work week. HappyNest is equally a perfect option if you are seeking calm in your life. Why, you ask?

  1. Stocking up on detergent and softener costs money and energy. It’s a hassle not only periodically shelling out the money, but also lifting those heavy bottles into your cart, and then into your car, and then into the house. Our laundry service already has the goods!
  2. Washing and drying clothes takes time and requires attention. You can’t fully immerse yourself in the Franklin Square experience when you need to get the wet clothes in the dryer before they start smelling damp. Pass on your dirty items into our care, and we’ll dedicate the time to get them cleaned, dried, and folded.
  3. Speaking of folding: it is, perhaps, the worst stage of the laundry process. Once everything is washed and dried, our residential laundry service will even fold your items; following any instructions you provide in your profile.
  4. Our pickups are rapid and our deliveries complete within twenty-four hours.

HappyNest: A Laundry Service for All Franklin Square Residents

HappyNest is an open book; we invite you to explore our website and ask questions either by email at hello@happynest.com or by phone at 855-335-9274. Choosing a pickup and delivery laundry service will be the best decision you’ve made. Let us help you do life, not laundry!

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