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Laundry Service Comes to Toms River, NJ


A Revolutionary-era town featured in The Amityville Horror and Boardwalk Empire, Toms River is one of New Jersey’s finest towns. Whether you’re a fan of horror, history, or anything in-between, you’re sure to find something to love in Toms River.

And now, thanks to the HappyNest wash and fold laundry service, it’s easier than ever before to spend your well-earned free time out of the laundry room and out in in Toms River. Take control of your life and your laundry like never before with the HappyNest service!

An Unforgettable Laundry Service

The HappyNest laundry delivery service picks up your laundry from your home, cleans and folds it to perfection, and brings it back to your porch before you even notice that it’s gone. Why worry about the laundry cycle when the HappyNest laundry service takes care of it all?

A Laundry Service Perfect for Toms River

You and your clothes both deserve a fantastic laundry experience, and the HappyNest laundry service is sure to blow all of your expectations out of the water! We’ve streamlined every step of the laundry process so that you can focus on living your life in Toms River to the fullest. You’ll always be notified before a pickup, and you can visit our website to check on the status of your clothes at any point in the laundry cycle.

HappyNest also offers a full range of customization options, so that you can count on your clothes getting the same great care that they’d get at home. We even offer allergen-free and eco-friendly laundry products, so you can enjoy the HappyNest laundry service without worrying about how it’ll affect the environment.

Most importantly, the HappyNest laundry service isn’t just convenient and effective; it’s also super affordable. For less than $2.00 per pound of laundry, you can kick back and enjoy life in Toms River without laundry, so why not give HappyNest’s laundry delivery service a try?

Get to Know the HappyNest Laundry Service!

  • What Can I Wash with HappyNest?
    • HappyNest accepts all machine-washable items, so feel free to pass along your coats, shoes, and anything else that needs to be cleaned.
  • Does HappyNest Offer Dry-Cleaning?
    • Dry cleaning is only available in certain locations, so reach out to find out if it’s available in your neck of Toms River!
  • How Do I Sign Up?
    • You can create your account by reaching out via our website, our email, or our phone line ((855) 335-9274).

Try HappyNest Today!

HappyNest’s laundry delivery service is the laundry service of your dreams. Why stress out over the laundry cycle, when you can sign up with HappyNest today, and do life, not laundry?

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