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Laundry Services in Parsippany, New Jersey


Life without laundry is everyone’s dream. Well, you can make this a reality by outsourcing your laundry to HappyNest. We are the go-to laundry service in Parsipanny, New Jersey, and the surrounding areas. Due to the hectic schedules that most working professionals, stay-at-home moms, and students endure, we are here to get the chore off their to-do lists by offering a convenient laundry pickup and delivery service.

There are lots of reasons to choose HappyNest as your laundry service, including:


Come to us if you want your laundry done without stretching your budget. Our services suit all budgets because we hope to serve everyone who lives and works in Parsipanny, NJ.

Free and Fast Collection and Delivery

Are you worried that our pickup and laundry delivery service will cost you more money? Well, your fears are unfounded because we don’t charge any money for the service. Your items will get collected as soon as you place an order and be brought back clean, fresh, and folded in 24 hours.


All you need to start using our laundry wash and fold service is to sign up on our mobile app or website before scheduling a pickup. Don’t worry about visiting our laundromats to drop or pick your items because that’s our work.

Unmatched Service

We count on our experience to deliver exceptional services that exceed clients’ expectations. Our team of skilled laundry experts will go the extra mile to meet your needs.

Forget About Laundry and Do You

As your household or business grows, its laundry needs also grow. However, this doesn’t mean you should spend even more hours doing laundry. We’re here to take this burden off your shoulders and enable you to create more time for the things and people you love.

With HappyNest, laundry will no longer be your problem, no matter how dirty your garments get. We have what it takes to get rid of even the toughest stains, thanks to our investment in top-of-the-range washing machines and dryers.

If you’re looking for a reliable laundry service in Parsipanny, NJ that always has your back, schedule a pickup with us and feel the difference.

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