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Laundry Pickup and Delivery in Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey


In Lake Hiawatha, it seems you have everything nearby. You have easy access to all types of food, and plenty of shopping. But if you are like most people, it can still take a while to get everything on your to-do list done. HappyNest laundry service can help.

Let’s face it, laundry is high up on everyone’s to-do list. It’s the chore that never ends. Once you are finished doing laundry, there seems to be another pile of clothes, sheets, or towels waiting to be cleaned. That’s where laundry delivery service comes in. HappyNest strives to provide an affordable high-quality laundry cleaning service that is designed to be as easy for your schedule as possible. Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for a HappyNest laundry delivery service account and let us know what kind of service you would like. You can sign up for regularly scheduled laundry pickup, or have your laundry picked up by request.
  2. Tell us how you would like us to clean your clothes. Choose from our selection of detergents and fabric softeners. We offer top name brands as well as eco-friendly options.
  3. On laundry day, leave your laundry right outside your front door and we will do the rest. Your laundry will be returned to you washed and folded the next day.

Some people like to say that in Northern New Jersey it takes half an hour to go anywhere – whether you are going 20 blocks away or 20 miles away. In Lake Hiawatha, it’s no different. That’s why having door-to-door laundry service is key. You don’t have to get in the car and face traffic or hunt for a parking spot to get to us. We come right to you.

Lake Hiawatha

Pickup laundry service lets you do life, not laundry

With HappyNest drop off laundry service cleaning your clothes, you can move beyond your to-do list and spend more time doing the things you want to do, instead of the things you have to do. You might want to go relax in the sun at the Lake Hiawatha Swim Club. Maybe you want to hit the links at Knoll Country Club East. Maybe you just want to let the kids run around the playground at Knoll Park, or take a quite walk on the park’s hiking trails through the woods. The point is, take some time for yourself. Don’t worry about your laundry. HappyNest pickup laundry service will take care of it.

Lake Hiawatha

Lake Hiawatha Dining

Maybe with laundry off your hands you rather just relax with a good meal. In that case, you are in luck. You can take a drive or a walk down Beverwyck Road and remind yourself how lucky you are to live where you do. On this street alone you can chose from Turkish favorites at Bosphorus Restaurant, North Eastern Thai food at Real Thai, authentic Indian street food from Bollywood Grill, Peruvian food from Mr. Yellow Pepper, sushi from Sushi Kuu, as well as pizza, Chinese food, gourmet sandwiches and more. As you enjoy the variety of flavors you can find in Lake Hiawatha, don’t worry if anything spills on your clothes. From tahini sauce to pasta sauce, HappyNest home laundry service cleans all kinds of stains.

So what are some of the top reasons to use pickup and drop off laundry service in Lake Hiawatha?

  • It’s affordable – Our service is not much more than doing your laundry yourself.
  • It’s convenient – Just leave your laundry outside your door. We’ll find it.
  • It personalized – Let us know how you want your laundry handled. We offer bleaches, fabric softeners, a variety of detergents and you can even choose your washing and drying temperatures.
  • It’s easy – Your clothes come back clean and folded. We will even accommodate your folding preferences.

HappyNest home laundry service professionals will give your laundry the same care and attention that you would give to it yourself, without you having to spend the time and effort on it. Let us take a load off your to-do list. Give HappyNest drop off laundry service a call at 855-335-9724, or sign up online, to find out how we can help you.

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