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Laundry Pickup and Next Day Delivery Service in Hoboken, New Jersey


Hudson County is the home of Hoboken, often consider a suburb of New York City with a population exceeding 50 thousand citizens. Because Hoboken offers residents a dense urban feel, many young professionals rent their homes and live there to enjoy the restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and parks – not necessarily in that order. Comprising a relatively small area on the Hudson River, folks living there typically do not have time nor the interest to perform a most daunting chore – Laundry! HappyNest to the rescue with time-saving, cost-saving and eco-friendly laundry pickup and next-day delivery service.

Why Choose HappyNest?

Hoboken is a great place to live yet if you have piles of dirty laundry to contend with, you probably don’t want to spend your free time in the apartment building laundry room or at your nearby laundromat. Let professionals take care of your wash/dry/fold or hang needs.

It’s Convenient

We can pickup and delivery your laundry on the days that suit you best. Simply schedule your pickup on a regular weekly plan (or bi-weekly) or consider By Request pickups when things get overwhelming. You can do everything from the HappyNest app or by signing up here: https://app.happynest.com/sb/signup/

Competitive Pricing

It’s a flat per pound fee. No hidden service fees or delivery fees. We pick up your laundry, weight it, and deliver it the next day. We provide the detergent, the softeners, the washers, the dryers, and we do everything for you in an eco-friendly way. Save electricity. Save water. Your choice.

Our Services

It’s not a surprise that we have five HappyNest production partners servicing over 250 cities and towns in New Jersey. All with consistent five- star reviews like these:

“Most excellent! Great customer service; text updates; user-friendly app; customizable preferences; wicked fast return time.”

“I have had a wonderful experience thus far with HappyNest! My clothes are folded and organized. I love how everything has been picked up so early in the morning and returned the next day, often before I even wake up!”

Sign up today using the iOS App Store or the Google Play store. Or, visit happynest.com.

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