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Laundry Pickup and Delivery in Medfield, Massachusetts


Sometimes, doesn’t it just seem like there aren’t enough hours in the day? Medfield has all of the perks and charms of a handsome and historic town, and the hustle and bustle of Boston, Massachusetts is just a few minutes away, but it’s hard to take care of yourself, your family, and your home and still have the time and energy to take advantage of everything that it has to offer.

Have you ever wanted to stop worrying about everything on your list of chores and take some time for yourself and your family? If so, then HappyNest’s pickup and drop-off laundry service is perfect for you. We’ll handle your dirty clothes, so that you can explore the stalls at the Medfield Farmer’s Market, explore the beautiful vistas at Rocky Woods, and really get to know the town that you call home.

Get To Know HappyNest

HappyNest isn’t just a wash and fold laundry service that takes care of all of your family’s laundry needs. It’s the break from the never-ending cycle of laundry and the excuse to get out of the house and explore Medfield that you’ve been waiting for.

  • HappyNest’s laundry service is amazingly convenient. All you have to do is leave your laundry out on your front porch at the designated pickup time, and get ready to enjoy your newfound freedom. We’ll have your clothing back to you the very next day, free from dirt and grim and ready to go on more adventures in Medfield.
  • HappyNest also offers a wide range of products, from laundry detergents to dryer sheets to fabric softeners, all so that we can always give you your ideal load of laundry. Whether you’re a Tide family or a staunch Gain user, HappyNest’s laundry service has you covered.
  • Finally, HappyNest is one of the most affordable laundry services you can use. For less than $1.80 per pound of clothing, you can break out of the laundry room and get back to doing the things that make you and your family happy.

Treat Your Laundry like Royalty

While you’re going for a swim at Hinkley Pond, trying your hand at glassblowing at the Luke Adams Glassblowing Studio, and just having fun enjoying Medfield, HappyNest will be giving your clothes the best quality of care possible.

For example, we wash every customer’s clothing separately, so you never have to worry about bleeding colors or your clothes ending up in someone else’s laundry bag. HappyNest’s commercial laundry service also includes a special stain treatment service, so that your clothes always come back home looking good as new, no matter how your adventures in Medfield treat them.

HappyNest is also adhering to all social distancing guidelines. We’re wearing gloves and masks, washing laundry bags, disinfecting surfaces, and doing our best to ensure the health and safety of our staff and your family.

How to Get Started with HappyNest’s Laundry Service

  • First, set up an account on our website, or, if you prefer, send us an email at hello@happynest.com or give us a call at (855) 335-9274. In just a few short minutes, you’ll be ready to start using HappyNest’s home laundry service.
  • Next, let us know how you’d like your clothes to be washed. We offer all sorts of brands (even allergen-free options) so we’re sure to have whatever you and your clothes need.
  • Then, set a pickup date and location, and let HappyNest take care of the rest. Don’t worry – you can change your pickup location at any point, so that no matter where your adventures in Medfield take you, HappyNest will be there to help with your laundry.

Try Out HappyNest Today!

With the historic relics of Peak House, the natural beauty of Noon Hill Reservation, and so many other wonders waiting for you in Medfield, you’ll need all the free time that you can get if you want to see them all.

So treat yourself to HappyNest’s wash and fold laundry service, so that you can do life, not laundry! It’s just a click, an email, or a phone call (855) 335-9274 away!

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