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Laundry Pickup and Delivery in White Marsh, Maryland


White Marsh, you let people of all ages feel like children again with your adventuresome spirit. With a beautiful environment and atmosphere surrounding the city, what isn’t there to like. So why spend your time inside doing laundry? HappyNest wants you to experience as much of life as you can. And their full-service laundry operation can help you do just that.

How HappyNest Works:

Sign up on HappyNest’s mobile laundry service app or through the website. Once you enter your location, simply choose what plan works best for you. We offer both a scheduled laundry service option, as well as a by demand choice too.

HappyNest offers a variety of options when it comes to our wash and fold laundry services. Not only do you get to choose between our options of detergents, softeners, dryer sheets, and bleaches, you also decide on any special preferences and folding to your exact specifications.

Laundry shouldn’t be a constant worry in your life. Use our laundry service pickup and delivery to have it cleaned and folded before returning to you the next day.

White Marsh

Use A Laundry Pick Up Service While You’re Exploring

Now that you’re not thinking about the mounds of clothes waiting to be washed, take your new spare time and enjoy all that White Marsh offers. If the sun is shining and birds are chirping, lather on some sunscreen and head outside to the Honeygo Run Regional Park. While you’re out, use HappyNest’s pickup and delivery laundry service and come home to clean clothes.

One of the most popular paths here is the Red, Marsh and Green Trail Loop. It’s about 2.1 miles long and great for a scenic walk, run, or bike ride. There are also some smaller nature trails as well, so choose your path for exploring. And if you get a little messy along the way, don’t sweat it. Use HappyNest’s laundry pick up service and let them take care of the mess. Besides, a little dirt never hurt, especially when you’re not the one cleaning up after it.

White Marsh

Forget About Your Laundry and Go Shopping

But spending time in nature isn’t the only great thing to do. The Avenue at White Marsh has just as many activities to keep you busy:

  • Grab something to eat
  • Shop around at the stores
  • Live music at the outdoor music series
  • Catch a movie at the theatre

And after all that fun, HappyNest is there with our drop off laundry service making your life easier. Enjoy your day without thinking of your laundry or rushing home to do it.

White Marsh

Adventure Isn’t Found in Chores

Let’s be real; laundry isn’t the most adventuresome activity. So where else can you find that sense of thrill? White Marsh has an option for you. Skydiving might seem intimidating, so why not try flying first. At iFLY indoor skydiving, you get the chance to feel what it’s like to skydive. Book a flight and step into their wind tunnels to feel like you’re flying. When it starts to get colder out, enjoy the brisk air and skate outside at the Outdoor Ice Skating Rink. HappyNest’s home laundry service allows you to take the hours out of chores and put them back into your life. Why stay inside at home when you can go out and try something new?

So why spend the day doing your laundry when HappyNest will do it for you? Our customizable plan is perfect for anyone and everyone. With our full-service laundry operation, your laundry options aren’t so limited. Let HappyNest take care of your clothes while you go out and enjoy all that White Marsh has to offer.

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