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Laundry Pickup and Delivery in College Park, Maryland


Laundry is a hindrance when you’d rather be out and about experiencing your city. HappyNest is a laundry service that works to minimize the time you spend on chores. All you have to do is sign up and choose your laundry preferences. Then we will pick up your laundry so you can pick your next activity.

HappyNest will wash and dry while you hit up your favorite local breakfast joint. Bagels ‘n Grinds’ hot baginis are undeniably delicious, but mess comes with the territory. Herb aioli was the last thing you wanted on your crisp new pants. But HappyNest is prepared to handle the most inconvenient accidents. College Park in Maryland is a vibrant college town just waiting to be explored.

College Park

Maybe folding fitted sheets and finding the other sock isn’t your favorite way to spend a weekend. You’re in luck, because HappyNest is more than willing to take on these tasks. Without laundry, you have more time to scout out College Park’s obscure gems. The hidden pinball room at the local MOM’s Market is just one way to entertain yourself on a Saturday night.

The Board and Brew offers food and beverage as well as being a hub for more than five hundred board games. With an element of competition and a pint full to the brim, a mishap is an inevitability. Your buddy knocks over your lager with his elbow and suddenly your favorite t-shirt is a soiled disaster. Put the thought of stain removal from your mind and focus on winning the next game.

College Park

We know life can be busy and that quality time is a commodity. College Park offers a getaway from the bustling high energy of Maryland’s legendary college town. Cherry Hill Park is a perfect place for the family to rent a yurt or cottage where they can roast s’mores outside and enjoy each other’s company. Breathe easy knowing that we have the soap and hot water to wash away the marshmallow and melted chocolate that has glued together your little one’s shirts.

HappyNest is always ready to gather up any gym wear and freshen it up for your next outdoor excursion. Paint Branch Community Park has an 18-hole disc golf course and a sand volleyball court. We know that sand and dirt gets everywhere, so toss your clothing items outside and we’ll clean the mess. We can do this all again when you get your recreational activities in next weekend.

College Park

College Park, you offer kitschy hangouts and one-of-a-kind bar experiences. You also know that fresh air and a nice stroll is sometimes the best way to ease into the weekend. Locals can support vendors at the Downtown College Park farmer’s market. Maybe you can’t resist a saucy pulled pork sandwich with creamy mac and cheese and a side of barbecue baked beans. We totally get it. And there’s no shame if your favorite lunch ends up in your lap. We have the detergent to make your skirt look clean and brand new.

College Park

Sometimes you want to try something new for happy hour. Georgetown is only a half hour drive from College Park. Wingo’s is a casual eatery with your favorite (and messy) ribs and Old Bay wings. Sauce doesn’t need to be a permanent design on your white and bright summer dress. HappyNest knows how to clean and clean well. We encourage you to live your best life and worry less about laundry because that’s why we’re here.

College Park is your town to cherish and your mental space should not be filled with thoughts of chores. There are meals to try and community parks to visit; cocktails to savor and camping trips to plan with your loved ones. HappyNest wants the best for you and that means no laundry woes! Sign up today, and let us help make your home a happy nest.

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