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Laundry Pickup and Delivery in Lake Worth, Florida


Lake Worth, Florida. Named after the lagoon that hugs your eastern border, you are a culturally vibrant town with an array of unique attractions. Downtown Lake Worth offers live theater and Broadway in its retro-styled Playhouse. Among the colorful coral and seafoam green buildings, there are quaint cafes and bustling restaurants with Italian to Cuban cuisine. Most beautiful of all is your annual street painting festival, where tens of thousands of art lovers convene to appreciate more than six hundred artists’ mastery of chalk illustration. You are a town that embraces diversity and facilitates creative expression. We at HappyNest are impressed by your electric personality and applaud the way you take time to relax and enjoy the ride; because we all need a little downtime.


There are tapas bars, antique shops, and fishing piers. With so much to look forward to to do and see, why slow down your day with the mundane aspects of life? HappyNest provides a pickup and drop-off laundry service, so you don’t have to replace your down time with chore time. The work week can be stressful: maybe you’re running late for a Monday meeting and spill your organic cold brew. Maybe the kids dig too enthusiastically into the movie theater popcorn and butter up their shirts and shorts. The thought of laundry is daunting when all you want to do is relax and enjoy a moment of ease and comfort. What if there was a way to skip the annoyance of washing and drying?


HappyNest is the perfect solution for every Lake Worth resident: the busy professional, the multitasking parent, and—of course—the local artists covered in paint! Our home laundry service gives you the time to cherish your colorful community instead of worrying about stains and fabric wrinkles. Whatever the situation, HappyNest has you covered. And washed, dried, and folded! With laundry out of the way, you’re free to listen to live music at the Mainstage or grab a pint at Lake Worth’s first brewery, Mathews Brewing Company. Integrate with the community and take pleasure in the high-energy atmosphere. Take a stroll and shop the stalls of the Lake Worth Farmer’s Market. There you will find locally grown produce from Palm Beach County farmers. The just-picked fruits and vegetables are crisp and nutritious; perfect fuel if you want to take a jog or ride your bike.


If you’re looking to absorb more sunshine, explore outside the city and appreciate the vivid greenery that defines Lake Worth as the place “Where the Tropics Begin.” And if you get a little dirt on your shirtfront, we’ll take care of it. If you want to venture even further afield, travel the sixty miles south to downtown Miami. You might drip some ice cream on your favorite maxi dress while you’re there, but there’s no need for concern. We’re prepared to pick up any soiled item of clothing upon your return.

Lake Worth

Lake Worth is a veritable smorgasbord of experiences. If you’d rather stay inside, consider taking a yoga class at the Cozi Yogi downtown. We’ll clean the gym wear before your next class. If you walk a few blocks out of town, you can marvel at the glass blowing demonstrations at the Benzaiten Center for Creative Arts. However, if taking advantage of the “Sunshine State” is your main priority, then pack your sunscreen and flip flops for a trip to Lake Worth Beach. The sand is soft and the water warm and crystal blue. Rent a cabana or a picnic table where you and your family can replenish with ice cold water bottles. You soak up the sun and then we will soak and sanitize your damp towels. Make every day a vacation and take comfort in knowing that the responsibility of laundry is now ours. Sign up today, and let us help make your home a happy nest.

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