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Laundry Services in Coconut Creek, Florida


Life with laundry can be stressful. If you live in Coconut Creek, Florida, you’ll have all the time to do everything you’ve always wanted. Well, that’s the reality for those who use HappyNest as their laundry service. When you outsource your laundry to HappyNest, you get a little more time to do you.

We offer you a new way of having your laundry done at the click of a button. With us, laundry days will no longer be necessary. Our pickup and delivery laundry services are designed to work with your busy schedule. As your one-stop laundry shop, our services are available 24/7, including weekends.

Every customer has different preferences when it comes to laundry. HappyNest listens to its customers, which is why we do their laundry how they want it. We allow you to pack your detergents and softeners in the laundry bags when placing an order. Likewise, you can provide us with additional information about the type of cleaners you want us to use and how you want your clothes folded.

Our Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service

With HappyNest, you won’t need to make regular trips to the laundromat to have your laundry done. Our system entails three simple steps that ensure your clothes get quickly washed at your convenience. Here’s how our wash and fold service works:

  • Schedule

When you have some items that need to get washed, pack them in a laundry bag, then place an order on our website or app. We can do your laundry on schedule or on-demand.

  • Pick-Up

After receiving your request, someone will come over to your home, business, or school to pick your laundry bags. The garments will then be brought to our laundromat for washing.

  • Delivery

The cleaned items will be dropped off at your preferred location while packed in reusable and eco-friendly bags. We will deliver the laundry bags at the specified time.

Feel the Difference

There are dozens of laundry services in Coconut Creek, FL. The ability to offer customized laundry services is what makes HappyNest stand out from the crowd. Our mid-sized laundromat is perfect for both individual customers and businesses that require professional laundry service.

We offer full-service laundry with timely deliveries in mind. Whether you have an upcoming meeting and need your business suit cleaned ASAP or a wedding and you need your gown cleaned, we’ve got your back. Schedule a pickup today to experience our premium quality laundry service in Coconut Creek, FL.

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