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Wash and Fold Laundry Service in Torrance, California


Torrance is among the best cities to live and work in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. This is due to the laid-back suburban feel and proximity to blissful beaches. The last thing you’d want to do if you live in the city is washing and folding heaps of clothes every week because laundry sucks. At HappyNest, we’re glad to take the chore off your hands by providing matchless wash and fold laundry services.

The HappyNest Experience

In the 29 states and D.C. where HappyNest operates, we’ve made life easier for thousands of our residential and commercial customers. We are committed to providing best-in-class laundry pickup and delivery services in Torrance and the surrounding communities. Here are some of the reasons you should choose the HappyNest experience next time you wash your laundry washed:


Arguably, this is the key talking point of our wash and fold laundry service. HappyNest employs experienced laundry professionals who can handle different types of fabrics safely. With us, you’re assured of the quality of your fabrics for years to come.

Quick Results

Everyone wants to have their laundry washed and delivered ASAP, and that’s what HappyNest does. We have a turnaround time of 1 day. Indeed, no other laundry service in town has such quick turnaround times.

Pickup and Delivery

For most people, washing clothes isn’t as tiring as hauling heavy laundry bags to and from laundromats. HappyNest takes this task off your back by providing pickup and delivery laundry services. Hence, you won’t need to leave your home or workplace to bring your laundry to us. Instead, we’ll pick the clothes for washing, then deliver them back to you afterward at no extra cost.


At HappyNest, we’re always glad to go against the script. Gone are the days when pickup and delivery laundry services cost an arm and leg. Our wash and fold laundry services target the typical Torrance resident. Unlike other laundry services, we charge by the pound rather than the number of items washed. Besides, we also offer exciting deals and discounts to our customers. We pride ourselves on being a laundry service that strikes the balance between cost and quality.

24-Hours Availability

We understand that some Torrance residents and business owners are often too busy to schedule their laundry pickups and deliveries during conventional hours. If you need immediate laundry service at any time of the day, we’ll be at hand to sort you out. We want you to look your best always, which is why you can schedule our pickup and delivery laundry service any time you want.

How We Work

To get started on the HappyNest experience, all you have to do is schedule the wash and fold laundry service via our website or mobile app. Tell us how you want your laundry done, then pack the fabrics in laundry bags. We’ll send a crew over to collect the bags for washing, then deliver the items afterward.

Your presence isn’t required when we pick and deliver your laundry. What’s more, we’ll follow your instructions to the letter when tackling your pile. The glowing reviews by our current and past customers speak of our professionalism and the quality of our services.

Life in Torrance can get pretty busy, which is why you need a wash, dry, and fold laundry service like ours that works around your schedule. Call or text us at (855) 335-9274 today to learn more about our services, or enter your ZIP code to check whether our services are in your area.

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