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Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service in Studio City, CA


Studio City is considered one of the best places to live, work, and do business in California. With so much to see and do in the city, few people ever have time for laundry. If you’re struggling to keep up with your laundry, worry no more because HappyNest is now providing its pickup and delivery laundry services to Studio City and the surrounding communities in LA County.

Laundry Made Convenient

In previous years, laundry involved a lot of work. On days preceding laundry days, the entire household would spend lots of time sorting its garments and shopping for the correct detergents. Come laundry day, they’d take turns loading their washing machines and dryers and folding their laundry. With HappyNest, this is a thing of the past because everything gets done for you.

We’ve made laundry as convenient as it can get by allowing you to schedule our wash and fold laundry service via the HappyNest app or website. You won’t have to do anything else apart from packing your garments in our laundry bags awaiting collection by our crew. Here’s a look at our convenient laundry process:

You Order

With HappyNest, there’s no need to call or write to us or drop off your laundry at our facility. After signing up on our app or website, order the pickup and delivery laundry service. We handle each customer’s order differently, so don’t forget to tell us about your laundry preferences when placing your order.

We Collect

When we receive your order, a concierge will be sent to your location to collect your laundry bags at the scheduled time. You don’t have to wait for our crew to arrive so that you hand over your laundry because our laundry pickup and delivery service is contactless.

We Wash and Deliver

We value your laundry and time, which is why we’ll start washing your laundry as soon as it gets to our facility. While at it, our laundry team will ensure that your preferences and instructions are followed to the letter. After washing, we will fold and pack the items, ready for delivery to your location. All this is done within 24 hours.

Say Goodbye to Laundry Days

At HappyNest, we want you to bid goodbye to laundry days. Never spend a moment worrying about laundry because that’s what we’re here for. Sign up today on our mobile app or website to schedule your first pick-up and start enjoying laundry services with a difference.

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