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Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service in Santa Fe Springs, California


One of the Gateway Cities welcoming travellers into sunny Los Angeles, Santa Fe Springs is a highlight of southeastern California and a hub of culture and diversity.

In Santa Fe Springs, doing the laundry is always going to be last on your To-Do list. Luckily, the HappyNest laundry pickup service is here to make sure that your clothes are taken care of, even while you’re exploring every exciting nook and cranny of your hometown.

If you want to make sure that your laundry gets done and have exciting adventures in Santa Fe Spring at the same time, then you need to try the HappyNest laundry service!

Don’t Let the Laundry Cycle Get You Down!

Out of all of the activities waiting for you out in Santa Fe Springs, why are you spending so much of your free time on your laundry when you could sign up for the HappyNest full-service laundry and start enjoying life without the laundry cycle?

After all, doing the laundry doesn’t get much easier than using the HappyNest laundry service. Once you sign up, all you have to do is take your laundry bag to your front porch on your chosen pickup day, and we’ll handle the rest! Your clothes will be back on your porch, cleaned just the way you like them, the very next day.

Santa Fe Spring’s Perfect Laundry Service

The HappyNest laundry service isn’t just great for your clothes – it’s also great for your budget! At less than $2.00 per pound of laundry, you can enjoy the luxury of our incredible wash and fold laundry service and still have money for your adventures in Santa Fe Springs.

There’s also no limit on how many clothes you can wash at once, which means that all of your laundry will get to enjoy the incredible care offered by the HappyNest laundry service!

Enjoy A Life Without Laundry!

  • How Can I Start Using HappyNest?
  • What Does HappyNest Wash?
    • HappyNest is happy to wash all of your machine-washable items, whether that’s clothes, coats, bedding, or even shoes!
  • How Can I Customize My Service?
    • By logging into our online portal, you can choose your laundry products, schedule a pickup, pick a new pickup location in Santa Fe Springs and beyond, and so much more!

Sign Up For HappyNest Today!

Getting through your To-Do list is hard enough as it is, so why not let HappyNest’s wash and fold laundry service take care of your laundry? Sign up today, and get ready to do life, not laundry!

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