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Client-focused Home Laundry Services in Rio Linda, Sacramento County, CA


Understandably, many people dread doing laundry. It's a tedious chore that requires sorting out dirty clothes and linen, washing and drying them. If you have other things to attend to, laundry can be a drawback because you'll have to visit the laundry room at intervals to switch the clothes from the washing machine to the drier. If that's what you go through, HappyNest is here to alleviate your laundry stresses. We are a nationally recognized home laundry service, and we're happy to extend our quality services to Rio Linda, CA dwellers. Our clients are at the core of what we do. That's why we strive to offer personalized laundry solutions for maximum satisfaction.

In America, women spend an average of 17 minutes per day doing a single load of laundry while men spend four minutes on average. That means women spend about two hours a week and eight hours a month catering to laundry. That's a full business day that could otherwise be spent generating income or handling other crucial responsibilities in life. With HappyNest, you enjoy the convenience of having your dirty clothes cleaned by a full-time laundry professional, which saves you time.

Why Choose Us?

  • Contactless Services – The demand for contactless wash and fold laundry services has risen since the coronavirus pandemic started. We want to provide you with top-tier laundry solutions while keeping you and our staff safe. Hence, we provide contactless laundry pickup and return services. Maybe you had plans to take the kids to the Aerospace Museum of California or Elverta Recreation District; don't ruin your plans because of a laundry pickup. Once you leave your dirty clothes outside your door, our full-time laundry expert will pick them in your absence. Our role is to make your laundry days hassle-free.
  • Tailored laundry solutions – Do you have garments that require special attention when cleaning? Perhaps you'd like us to use your favorite liquid detergent instead of its powder version, or maybe you have your own unique folding technique you'd like us to use when preparing your laundry for delivery. By downloading our mobile app, you can specify your special needs, and we'll adhere to them when cleaning your clothes.
  • 24-Hour returns – At HappyNest, we have a high laundry turnover, thanks to our full-time laundry professionals' efficiency. Once we pick up your dirty garments, we clean them quickly with high adherence to quality laundry processes. That enables us to return your clean clothes and fabric after 24 hours.

If you've never discovered how to love washing clothes, you can task HappyNest with the chore, and we'll deliver your laundry free of charge regardless of your location in Rio Linda, CA. Contact us today!

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