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Full-Service Laundry in Newport Coast, CA


When you hear about laundry, the first thing that comes to mind is washing clothes and drying and folding them. At HappyNest, we’re dedicated to changing all that. With us, laundry is a quick 3-step process that involves signing up, scheduling a pickup, and having your items delivered to your doorstep. That’s what our laundry pickup and delivery service is all about. No more washing or making trips to a congested Newport Coast laundromat to wash your garments.

Professional Laundry Meets Convenience

Few laundry companies in Orange County provide pickup and delivery services. Thus, they will require you to drop off your clothes for washing and pick them up afterward. Such services may not be convenient to those trying to squeeze laundry into their already packed schedules. This is where HappyNest comes in. We’re the full-service laundry company that guarantees your convenience.

We have a seamless and convenient laundry process that negates the need for you to even leave your house to have your items washed. From the start, all you need to do is place a laundry pickup and delivery order via the HappyNest app/website, and we'll do the rest. The best part is that you won’t even need to meet our crew, thanks to our contactless pickup and delivery laundry service.

Quality Guarantee

HappyNest has been in the home and commercial laundry business for years. We not only understand the rules of the game but also what it takes to do a thorough job. When your laundry is dropped off at our laundromat, our experienced team will do everything necessary to ensure a high-quality wash.

Our laundromat has state-of-the-art washing machines that get the job done ASAP while preserving your fabrics. The HappyNest laundry process is quality-guaranteed. We provide a free-re-clean to clients who aren’t satisfied with the quality of our job first time out. We also offer full refunds.

Eco-Friendly Laundry

We love our planet, which is why our laundry process is eco-friendly. HappyNest uses water and energy-efficient washing machines and dryers with a minimal ecological footprint. We also wash our clients’ laundry using hypoallergenic detergents to minimize adverse skin reactions. So, in HappyNest, you have a reliable laundry partner that cares about you and your laundry and the environment.

Don’t risk ruining your fabrics or leaving your laundry to disreputable companies that won’t do a proper job. HappyNest is here to wash your fabrics to the highest standard while saving you time and money in the process. Sign up to get started.

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