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Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service in Laguna Niguel, CA


A lovely lagoon of a city nestled between Aliso Viejo, Dana Point, and Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel is a place where you can live your perfect southern California lifestyle.

But doing the laundry isn’t part of your ideal Laguna Niguel experience, which is why you need to start using HappyNest’s laundry pickup service!

The HappyNest laundry service lets you step back from the laundry cycle and focus on enjoying all of the fun in the sun that Laguna Niguel has to offer. Sign up today, and say goodbye to your old, boring laundry cycle for good!

Treat Yourself to the HappyNest Laundry Service

With the HappyNest laundry service, your days of worrying about washing your clothes are a thing of the past! We’ve perfected every step of the laundry cycle to give you – and your clothes – the best laundry experience in Laguna Niguel.

Instead of trapping yourself in the never-ending cycle of loading and unloading your laundry machines, just sign up for HappyNest’s full-service laundry! We’ll collect your laundry bag after you leave it on your front porch, send your clothes through the wash, and bring them back to you the next day!

You can even choose whether you want your clothes folded or hung, and HappyNest will make sure that your clothes come back to you just the way you like them.

Even the registration process is so easy that you’ll barely have to take five minutes out of your busy life in Laguna Niguel to sign up! Just visit our website, send us an email, or give us a call at (855) 335-9274, and you’ll be ready to fall in love with the HappyNest full-service laundry in no time!

The Perfect Laundry Service for Laguna Niguel

  • How Much Does HappyNest’s Laundry Service Cost?
    • You can start using the HappyNest laundry service in Laguna Niguel for just $1.75 per pound of laundry. There aren’t any delivery fees, and we’ll always send you reminders before a pickup so that you’ll never have to pay for a missed pickup.
  • What Can I Wash With HappyNest?
    • HappyNest is perfect for all of your machine-washable items, whether you need to wash linens for your business or you’re trying to freshen up your favorite sneakers.
  • What If My Clothes Are Stained?
    • In that case, you just need to request HappyNest’s special stain treatment service, and your clothes will be spotless in no time!

Laguna Niguel, Do Life, Not Laundry!

So why not take a break from the laundry cycle in Laguna Niguel with the HappyNest pickup and drop-off laundry service? It’s the opportunity to live a life without laundry that you’ve been waiting for!

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