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Pickup and Delivery Laundry Service in Kingsburg, Fresno, CA


Business owners and residents of Kingsburg and the surrounding neighborhoods in Fresno County no longer have to experience the stress of doing laundry every so often. HappyNest is now in the city, and we’re offering our laundry pickup and delivery services to ensure you don’t ever have to do laundry again.

When your busy life in Kingsburg leaves you with no time to wash your laundry, you can always count on HappyNest to do the job for you. Our laundry experts are always willing and ready to offer a helping hand. So, don’t just trust anyone with your delicate laundry. Instead, schedule our wash and fold service via the HappyNest app or website to experience laundry with a difference.

We understand that few people ever find time amidst their busy schedules to do laundry. Also, not everyone can keep up with hauling heavy laundry bags to laundromats every so often. That’s why we offer our pickup and delivery laundry service to take the task off your hands. Our number one priority is ensuring you never run out of clean clothes, linens, and towels at your home or business.

As our valued customer, you’re our number one priority. Thus, when you choose us to be your wash and fold laundry service, we’ll always do whatever it takes to ensure your needs get addressed. Have your laundry done by experts, and save time, money, and effort in the process.

How We Work

We are the fastest, more efficient, and convenient home and light commercial laundry service in Kingsburg, and here’s a look at our laundry process:

  • You Schedule

Schedule the pickup service any day of the week, and your HappyNest valet will stop by to pick your laundry. You don’t even have to be there when our team comes over to collect your laundry.

  • We Clean

HappyNest used high-grade washing machines and friendly detergents. We also leverage our decades-long expertise to ensure your laundry pile receives the highest-quality care. With us, your fabrics will always be in safe hands.

  • We Deliver

Within the next day, your laundry will get delivered to your location at the stipulated time. We’ll text you to remind you of the delivery, but you can also track everything via the mobile phone app.

At HappyNest, our mission is to make laundry easier for you than ever before. Our current Kingsburg clients have a lot of positive things to say about our services, so don’t hesitate to join the bandwagon. Sign up to get started.

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