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Wash and Fold Laundry Service in Cerritos

Laundry Pickup

If you live in Cerritos, CA, you now have a completely hassle-free way to do laundry, thanks to HappyNest. We are the go-to laundry professionals with the equipment and expertise to handle all your laundry needs. We not only wash but also fold your garments and fabrics. If you can’t find time for laundry or simply find the task burdensome, we’re here to help you out.

Contactless Pickup and Delivery Laundry Service

Life in California can be a little hectic. If you can’t squeeze laundry into your schedule, chances are that you may not find the time to wait for us to come for your laundry. Hence, we offer a contactless pickup and delivery laundry service. Once you schedule the service, you can leave your laundry at your doorstep. You don’t need to be present when we collect and deliver your laundry.

We can collect and deliver your laundry bags at a time and place that’s most convenient to you. Simply enter your ZIP code when placing your order to establish whether we service your area.

At HappyNest, we also offer customized laundry services. Each item you bring to us will be washed to your preferences. Whether you want your items washed a certain way or with a specific detergent, our laundry professionals are always at hand to deliver just that. We understand that each customer has unique needs, which is why we handle each order differently.

Our Promise

Here’s what we promise every client that schedules our home and commercial laundry services:

  • 100% Happiness Guarantee

We’re not called HappyNest for no reason. Our focus is to make you happy by providing professional laundry services. If you’re not 100% satisfied with our service, we will re-process your items for free.

  • Quick Turnaround

We know how much you treasure and need your items. When you place an order with us, we will pick up your items on pickup day, launder them professionally, and deliver them the next day.

  • Eco-Consciousness

HappyNest has invested in eco-friendly washing machines and dryers. We also use eco-friendly and hypoallergenic detergents that don’t harm you or the environment.

  • Convenience

We allow you to schedule our wash and fold service from wherever you are, thanks to our mobile app and website. No need to call us or even visit our laundromat.

Doing laundry has never been easier. At HappyNest, we want Cerritos, CA residents to live their lives to the fullest without worrying about laundry. To get started, sign up on our website or mobile app today.

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