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HappyNest in Burbank, California


HappyNest has grown and evolved from a boutique laundry service into becoming America's number one full-service laundry company. To serve more customers in California, we recently expanded to Burbank, where we set up a state-of-the-art laundry facility.

Some of the home and commercial laundry services we offer in Burbank, CA include costume and uniforms cleaning, upholstery cleaning, beddings and linen cleaning, and professional dry cleaning. Whether you have delicate gowns and fabrics that need cleaning, or tough outdoor gear, we're your go-to laundromat.

Personalised Laundry Service

For years, our forte has been our ability to provide customised laundry services that suit the needs of each client. HappyNest prides itself on the solid, long-term relationships built with its customers. Thanks to the superiority of our services and qualified staff, we're able to offer bespoke laundry solutions to both individual and business clients.

Our goal is to keep providing unmatched laundry delivery services to our clients. Since starting, customer satisfaction has been our ultimate goal, and we still abide by that. We cater to a large and diversified customer base in Burbank and the surrounding areas. Thus, we have an in-depth understanding of the needs of our market and individual customers.

We Launder With Pride

Often, we ask ourselves, why would someone do their own laundry when they can come to us instead? We’ve been offering laundry folding service for decades. We not only have the requisite expertise, but also the equipment needed to give your garments and fabrics the TLC they deserve.

You can always count on our cleaning professionals to give individual attention to your pile because they have years of hands-on experience. We guarantee superior service and value for money by offering a reliable service at affordable rates.

Why Look Further?

If you live in Burbank, CA, busy schedules will always get in the way as far as doing laundry is concerned. Don’t try squeezing laundry into an already stretched schedule. Instead, schedule a pickup with HappyNest to experience the laundry service with a difference. We provide quality wash and fold laundry services you can rely on.

Never take chances with your laundry since you can come to us for help. We have an intuitive order process that allows you to schedule a pickup via our mobile all or website. Soon as we receive your order, we'll pick your laundry for cleaning. The items will be brought back within 24 hours. So, sign up today to get started.

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