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Home and Commercial Laundry Service in Bellflower

Laundry Pickup

Do you live in Bellflower, CA, and laundry always seems to be getting in the way? Worry no more because HappyNest is here to save you from this tedious task. By offering a convenient pickup and delivery laundry service, we want you to spend more time on the things you love rather than on laundry.

With HappyNest, you won’t spend endless hours washing, drying, and folding laundry. Better still, forget about making those tiring trips to the laundromat to have your items washed because we will collect, wash, fold, and deliver your items to you.

How it Works

  • Schedule a Pickup

Doing laundry has never been easier. With HappyNest, all you need to get started is sign up on our website or app. Thereafter, fill out your form to choose a pickup date and time that suits you best. We can collect your laundry bag 24/7.

  • We Collect

When we receive your order, someone will be sent to your location to collect your laundry. In addition, we offer contactless pickups and deliveries, which negates the need for you to be present when we swing by.

  • We Launder

Our laundromat in Bellflower is equipped with the latest washing machines and tumble dryers. So soon as your laundry comes to work, we will start working on it ASAP. We work with precision and speed using the recommended detergents and cleaning methods. Each of your items will be quality-assured before delivery.

  • We Deliver

HappyNest has a 24-hour turnaround. Thus, your items will be brought back to you within 24 hours and even earlier than the scheduled delivery time. During delivery, the automated tracking system we use ensures full accountability. You’ll get notified as soon as your items reach your preferred destination.

Why Choose HappyNest?

There’s so much to live for in Bellflower, but laundry should never be a priority to you. Here’s why you should choose our wash and fold laundry service:

  • Professionalism

We launder every order to our clients’ satisfaction. In addition, we re-clean items that don’t meet your expectations for free.

  • Customized Service

Let us know how you want your laundry washed and the type of detergents you prefer, and we’ll be glad to fulfill your needs.

  • Convenience

Never worry about running late while dropping off or collecting your laundry because HappyNest does everything for you.

With operations in over 25 states, HappyNest is the nation’s leading laundry service. Our customer reviews attest to the quality of our service. Sign up today to schedule your first wash and fold laundry service.

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