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HappyNest in Auberry, California


HappyNest is the fastest-growing home and commercial laundry service in Auberry, CA. We’re focused on providing convenient, fast, and affordable laundry services to both homes and businesses. Everyone wants to experience the convenience of not having to step out of their homes to have their laundry done, and that’s exactly what we deliver.

Experience Life Without Laundry

Today, nearly everyone you come across in Auberry has a busy schedule. Busy working professionals have a second job, more moms are enrolling for language classes, and even students are signing up for extra courses. In the midst of all this, most people have little or no time for laundry.

Being super busy doesn’t mean your laundry will stop piling. Actually, it gets even worse since you’ll have less time for the chore. It makes no sense for you to try squeezing laundry into an already stretched schedule. Leave the task to us because we know how to get it done right.

At HappyNest, we pride ourselves on being the laundry pick up service with a difference. We offer an efficient service that negates the need to spend much of your free time doing laundry or even delivering and collecting your items from a laundromat.

How we Work

Schedule a Pickup

To get started, you first need to head over to the HappyNest website or mobile app and sign up. After that, fill out the pickup form and schedule the collection of your items.

We Collect

Soon as your order reaches us, we'll collect the items at your location. You don’t even need to be around when our employees come by to collect your laundry bags.

We Clean

Doing laundry with speed is our forte. When your laundry comes to our facility in Auberry, our in-house cleaning experts will start working on it immediately. We have high-end washers and dryers, and only use eco-friendly detergents.

We Deliver

Within 24 hours, your items will be brought back to you clean and ready to use. We have a tracking system that accounts for each of your items during delivery.

What Are You Waiting For?

Knowing too well that we're the go-to laundry service in Auberry, you shouldn’t hesitate to outsource the chore to use. Schedule your first pickup today and start enjoying the laundry service with a difference.

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