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Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service in Artesia, California


If you had a whole weekend to yourself, what would you rather do? Laundry or have fun? Well, as we all know, laundry sucks. It not only takes too much of your time, but involves a lot of work. Besides, there's never the surety that you’ll get the job done right. There's no reason for you to spend much of your free time tackling your laundry pile when you can hire a home laundry service.

Why Customers Love Us

If you asked random people on the streets of Artesia about laundry, most of them will point to the fact that it’s their least favorite chore, and rightly so. To tackle even a small laundry pile, you'll need to do a lot of work. Whether it’s sorting the items, shopping for the right cleaning agents, or even loading your washer and dryer, a lot needs to be done.

The wash and fold service that HappyNest provides is similar to going to a virtual laundromat. Your sole task it to get on our website or app to schedule a pickup. Within hours, someone will come by your premises to collect your pile for cleaning. The items will be brought back in less than 24 hours.

The best part of our pickup laundry service is that you don’t need to be home when we fulfil your order. Simply pack your laundry bag and leave it at your door with any extra instructions on how you want your items cleaned. Leave the rest to us, and we'll do your laundry exactly how you want it done.

We also offer individual attention to linens and fabrics that require some extra TLC. After cleaning, each item is inspected to ensure that the job done meets the highest standards and customer expectations. To guarantee the quality of our work, we offer to re-clean items that don’t meet your expectations for free.

The Convenient Laundry Service

We entered the Artesia, CA market fully aware of how busy life in the city can get. For this reason, we offer convenient services that center around your busy schedule and laundry needs. Whether you want your laundry picked and delivered at night, or want us to use special detergents, we'll be glad to listen to you. Our goal is ensuring that laundry is the least of your worries. Thus, schedule a pickup with us today to start enjoying our wash and fold laundry service.

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