Springboard Update: November 30, 2020

On November 30th, 2020 at 4 a.m. EST we will be releasing the latest update to Springboard. This update includes a complete rebuild of the Production Manifest tools and adds the ability to pre-authorize credit cards.

In addition to training videos that will be posted here, a webinar was offered on Wednesday, November 25th at 3 p.m. EST. To watch the recording of the webinar, click on the “Webinar Recording” button below.

What will this update include?

This update includes a complete rebuild of the Production Manifests and also introduces the ability to pre-authorize customers’ credit cards prior to processing their laundry.

The Production Manifest has been rebuilt from the ground up with the aim of delivering a cleaner and easier to use (but still familiar) interface with vastly improved load times. To watch an introductory video, please click here.

With this update you will also have the option to pre-authorize a customer’s credit card before your attendants begin production on their order. As operators, we’re all familiar with the “pain point” of processing a customer’s laundry only to have their card declined during billing. With the new “pre-authorization” capability, you can limit this risk by “pinging” the customer’s card to determine if they have the funds available to cover the estimated cost of their laundry order. Based on the weight entered, an estimated total is generated and sent to Authorize.net. If the customer’s bank confirms that the customer’s card has the necessary funds to cover the cost of processing their laundry, a “hold” will be put on the card for the requested amount. If the final invoice total does not exceed the pre-authorized amount, then payment is guaranteed. If the customer’s bank declines the pre-authorization, then the customer’s laundry production ticket will be locked so that your attendants will be unable to process that customer’s laundry. In the event of a declined pre-authorization, the customer will be notified and prompted to update their billing information so that their laundry can be processed. An Issue Tracker ticket will also be automatically generated for Customer Service and be placed at the top of the ticket queue. Once a customer’s billing information has been updated, another attempt can be made to pre-authorize their card.

Because we always want to be able to override a failed pre-authorization, there is the option to skip pre-authorization on a case by case basis.

If a customer’s card fails pre-authorization and you elect to return to the customer their not processed laundry, you still have ability to print labels for that order. Also, when building the return manifest, any orders that failed pre-authorization and are being returned to customers “as-is” will be flagged in red to alert the drivers.

Pre-authorization is an optional feature. To take advantage of it, any admin with permissions to access the Settings control panel can select the “Pre-authorization of Credit Cards” checkbox. Doing so will provide access to the pre-authorization functions from the Production Manifest.

To watch an introductory video, click here.