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Take Advantage of Your Laundromat’s Excess Capacity and Make More Money with HappyNest

As laundromat store owners, we all know that our store sits idle for most of the mid-week period. The HappyNest business model enables a laundromat owner to make more money by increasing equipment usage (turns per day) during low peak times and generate more sales and cash flow for your business.

Prospect Webinar - July 29, 2021, 1 PM ET

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Why HappyNest?  A Snapshot View.

  • No start-up costs, monthly fees, or credit card fees
  • Service area exclusivity
  • All digital and traditional marketing costs are included
  • Increase the value of your business without adding new equipment
  • Boost productivity of staff during slow mid-week periods
  • Sustainable marketing programs beyond paid search, including branding and content creation
  • True consumer mobile app for auto-scheduling and payment
  • Proven success with experienced Laundromat owners
  • Customer Service Support available 7 days/week

Proven go-to-market strategy

All hardware included

60+ markets and growing

“For those looking to get into laundry pickup and delivery in a big way, I recommend HappyNest.

I have not met a single HappyNest partner who regretted going with them and, in fact, they all attribute their HappyNest partnership as the key to their explosive growth.”

Brian Henderson, Founder/CEO, Wash-Dry-Fold POS

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