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Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service in Burlington, Oregon


Who knew you could get mobile laundry service right to your doorstep, even in a rural community like Burlington?! But you can, because here at HappyNest we know you hate doing laundry just as much as the folks who live in Portland. Or everywhere. That’s no surprise when you consider that the average family does more than 7 loads of laundry a week. That’s an average of one every single day!

We call that drudgery, and we say don’t do it!

We’re not all talk, either. We’re the folks who will come to your home, pick up your dirty clothes and bring them back the very next day – fresh and clean and folded just the way you requested.

Thoroughly Modern and Affordable, Too!

Back in 1911, Burlington was touted as “Portland’s newest industrial suburb.” That’s hardly the case today, but who cares? It’s beautiful and quiet here. And you can still take advantage of the latest technology advances, including pick and drop off laundry service that comes with its very own app. That makes it easy to schedule your laundry service.

You can choose:

  • Regular weekly service, which costs just $1.99 per pound, or
  • On-demand service that offers great flexibility, for just $2.09 per pound

You pay for washing and folding, but pickup and delivery are always free. You can even charge your HappyNest laundry service to a credit card. And did you catch that point about 24-hour turnaround? That’s standard procedure for us. Not only can you stop doing the laundry, you’ll never worry about running out of clean clothes.

Fully Personalized Service, Right Here in Burlington

With home laundry service, you save time and save money on supplies. And speaking of supplies, you’re the boss when it comes to laundry day details. After all, they’re your clothes! So you tell us what products to use:

  • Detergent: All Free & Clear, Cheer, Gain, Seventh Generation or Tide
  • Bleach: Clorox or OxiClean
  • Fabric softener: Downy or white vinegar
  • Dryer sheets: Bounce

You tell us what water and dryer temperatures to use and how you want your socks or shirts folded. Special instructions for a particular load or item? We’re all ears.

Download the App and Sign Up Now

Why wait when home laundry service is just a few clicks away? Download app (iOS or Android), sign up online or simply give us a call at (855) 355-9274. Enter your Burlington ZIP code, tell us your preferences and doing the laundry is history at your house.

Still have questions? You’ll find lots of answers here, or you can give us a call or at hello@happynest.com and we can talk more specifically about laundry service in Burlington.

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