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Laundry Pickup and Delivery in Scarsdale, New York


Niche rates Scarsdale, New York “close to perfect,” giving the village an A+ in almost every way. No wonder you love living here. One thing no one loves, though, is doing laundry. Have you ever calculated how much time you spend on that? It’s a lot, whether you’re a single or a couple, even worse if you’re a family with kids and a dirt-loving dog.

Let’s put it this way: just one load, start to finish, takes about as much time as 9 holes of golf. Or a leisurely breakfast at the Parkway Café. Happily, there is an alternative. Savvy New Yorkers across the state are switching to HappyNest wash and fold laundry service. Now Scarsdale residents can sign up for mobile laundry service, too.

Simple. Easy. You’re in Control.

HappyNest laundry pickup and delivery service is not only convenient, it’s just right because we do your laundry your way.

You pick the timing – regular weekly pickup or the option to change your laundry pick up service each week. Either way, your laundry returns the next day, freshly washed, fluffed and folded. Weekly service costs just $1.85 per pound, “by request” pickup and drop-off laundry service just $1.99 per pound. Pick and delivery service is free for Scarsdale residents.

Then choose how we do your laundry. Options include:

  • Detergent: Tide, Gain, Cheer, All Free & Clear, or Seventh Generation
  • Bleach: Clorox or OxiClean
  • Softener: Downy or White Vinegar
  • Dryer Sheets: Bounce

Special instructions? Just let us know. After all, they’re your clothes. Full-service laundry pickup and delivery means exactly that at HappyNest.

It’s Easy to Sign Up for Scarsdale, NY Laundry Service

It takes just three short steps to create your account. Then you can be confident you’ll always have clean clothes at hand, without the time and hassle.

  1. Sign up on HappyNest’s laundry service app for iOS or Android, on the website, or give us a call at (855) 335-9274.
  2. Enter your zip code to choose your location in Scarsdale, New York.
  3. Answer a few questions about your preferences.

We’ll send you a welcome kit with all the essentials. On laundry day, just set out your blue bag (it’s in the kit) and cross laundry off your to-do list. Our laundry delivery service will return your clothes 24 hours later.

Do What You Want Instead of Doing Laundry

Whether it’s a round of golf, an entertaining evening with friends or simply spending the afternoon with your kids and dog, everything beats doing laundry. Why waste another precious minute? Sign up today, online or at (855) 335-9274. Questions? We’re here to help, by phone or at hello@happynest.com.