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Laundry Pickup and Delivery in Winchester, Kentucky


Laundry can be exhausting when all you want to do at the end of a long week is spend leisure time in your lovely city of Winchester. HappyNest is a pickup and delivery laundry service that handles the washing and drying so you and your family are free to make memories. All you have to do is,

Your wardrobe is in safe hands while you explore the hidden treasures of Kentucky!

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Blackfish Bison Ranch has acres of rolling hills where you and your family can hand feed buffalos. We will wash your child’s shirt if it’s spoiled by a hand muddied by a buffalo’s dirty snout. Just throw it into the next load and let us know the best way to clean and dry. We are just as happy to freshen up your leggings and t-shirts if you choose to get your daily dose of sunshine at Fort Boonesborough State Park instead.

Now that you don’t have to do laundry, you can savor full-bodied flavors while gazing on the far-off Kentucky mountains. The Peach House tasting room at Harkness Edwards Vineyard is a beautifully restored home that overlooks emerald farmlands. HappyNest is equipped with a variety of bleach if you decide to wear your crisp white button-up to try some new wine varieties. And if there is a spill, HappyNest will follow your special instructions to eradicate evidence of sweet red wine on your collar.

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Take pleasure in a gentle breeze as you explore historic downtown Winchester. Created by You is a unique workshop open for crafters of all ages. Even with an apron, a dripping paintbrush is a threat indeed to the blank canvas of a summer dress. Yellow paint or blue, HappyNest is determined to rid it from your clothing.

Without the onerous task of laundry, you’re free to grab a hot meal at Loma’s at the Opera House. Take a juicy bite of a burger draped in beer cheese, a food Winchester celebrates with the Beer Cheese Festival every summer. You can even make an occasion of it and wear your most beautiful evening dress. As per your request, HappyNest will take your dress along with your other pick-up items and wash it with delicacy and care. Whatever your preference, we will make sure it looks sparkling and new for your next night on the town.


HappyNest will hang your clothes up to dry while you indulge your sweet tooth. At the Cupcake Apothecary downtown you have your pick of cheesecake, candies, and–of course–cupcakes. There’s no sugar-coating the reality of messes. We will have your selection of detergent prepared if your carrot cake’s cream cheese icing ends up in your lap instead of your mouth.

Winchester, Kentucky is a city with old-fashioned charm and sophisticated taste. Even with the utmost care, accidents can happen. HappyNest is here to ensure that things like wine remain an enjoyable sipping experience and not a laundry nightmare. We strive to make your life in Winchester, Kentucky a life spent without the concern of stain removal or wrinkles. Sign up today and let us help make your home a happy nest.

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