Laundry Pickup and Delivery in Lexington, Kentucky

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Laundry is no fun and can take up valuable time in your day. Who wants to haul heavy loads of clothes? Who would rather dry and fold shirts and pants for hours instead of getting outside to enjoy the weather? HappyNest is a pick-up laundry service in Kentucky that works to help you make the best of your spare moments. All you have to do is,

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Lexington, Kentucky is a city to experience and appreciate and laundry is a chore for HappyNest!

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With more than fifty breeds of horses and 1,200 acres of land, the Kentucky Horse Park is an ideal destination for anyone exploring the Horse Capital of the World. No need to worry about muck splattering on your pants cuffs anymore! HappyNest will clear away any stains in the next laundry load. Admire the brilliant saddlebred horses trot across the green pastures and leave all thoughts of stain removal to us.

Ease into the weekend with a smooth sip of Kentucky’s beloved elixir – golden bourbon whiskey. Located in downtown Lexington, the historic James E. Pepper Distillery offers guided tours and tastings. The patio is a perfect spot to savor the southern sunshine and a neat pour. HappyNest will ensure your dress shirt is fresh and white again if that pour ends up being not-so-neat. Laundry mishaps can’t ruin your sense of calm when you have HappyNest to take up the washing.

The Lexington Distillery District is jam-packed with a diverse selection of eateries. Indulge and sink your teeth into a cheesy slice of New York-style pizza at Goodfellas Pizzeria. HappyNest will take the next laundry load, including that shirt stained with trickled grease. We know a well-baked crust, warm melted mozzarella, and tangy tomato sauce are hard to resist. Take your next bite, and we’ll take the next laundry load.

Crank and Boom Ice Cream Lounge is as fun as its name. Ice cream cocktails made in-house with Coffee Stout ice cream and Buffalo Trace bourbon cream are unique to this artisan hangout. HappyNest has a gentle touch when it comes to cleaning delicates. We are equipped to clean your summer linen if it shows evidence of a double-scoop spill of Kentucky blackberry and buttermilk. We can air dry if you prefer a rumpled look or a low tumble dry if crisp is what you want. You can plan which Crank and Boom flavor you’ll try next while we cross off laundry from your to-do list.

Once a 1920s train depot, The Burl is a vintage venue open for live music from local and national bands. In such an intimate space rife with high energy, you’re bound to absorb unsavory aromas. Presentation is not all about the look, and HappyNest will help you keep your wardrobe presentable and smelling fresh.

From picturesque farms to distinctive restaurants, Lexington is a city ready to entertain and impress. You have your pick of specialty cocktails and handcrafted desserts; of easy strolls downtown or lively evenings dancing and singing along with your favorite artist. HappyNest will do the laundry so you can use your extra time to do the things you want.

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