McHenry, MD

Wash And Fold Laundry Service In McHenry, MD


McHenry, MD, we don’t blame you that doing laundry is way down on your to do list. With fishing and boating at Deep Creek Lake, adventures galore at Wisp resort, golf courses, and delicious food we are not sure how you find time to get anything done. How would you feel if HappyNest could give you back 10 hours of your week? That’s right, ten hours; the average amount of time spent on completing laundry from start to finish.

HappyNest provides its’ customers with the quality and care they expect in laundry service. We understand that laundry is personal and only used trained professionals to handle your laundry. We will never combine your laundry with another customers, check your pockets for fishing lures or pens, and sort lights and darks before washing.

With our free pickup and delivery, no hidden fees, and no contracts, you owe it to yourself to enjoy time doing the things you love and stop doing laundry. Let HappyNest redefine your laundry day.

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