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Dry Cleaning vs. Steam Cleaning: What's the Difference?


Nothing takes a beating in your house more than carpets. They are susceptible to spills, stains, and debris buildup over time. To keep your carpets in good condition and prolong their use, you should clean them regularly.

Steam cleaning and dry cleaning are two of the most popular methods for keeping your carpets clean and in the best condition for years. But, which of them is more effective, and how do they differ? Here's what you should know:

Steam Cleaning

As the name suggests, this method involves using hot water under high pressure to get rid of stains and debris from your carpet. Steam isn’t any different from vacuuming, only that hot water is used to clean the carpet, rather than sucking the debris using air. The steam gets rid of all the dirt to leave behind a clean and fresh carpet.

If your carpet has tough stains, mud, and debris that require stain removal, they can be eliminated by applying a pre-spray to loosen them. With steam cleaning, you can also target the stained or muddied areas of your carpet, rather than the entire surface.

The main benefit of steam cleaning your carpet is that it helps you achieve instant and long-lasting results since the dirt and stains are eliminated from each fiber of your carpet. However, it may take up to 24 hours for a steam-cleaned carpet to dry fully.

Dry Cleaning

Unlike the case with steam cleaning, dry cleaning doesn’t involve water. Instead, your carpet will first get pre-vacuumed to get rid of surface dirt. After that, it will be treated using a dry cleaning solution (usually solvents) to remove tougher stains.

The last step in the dry cleaning process is the use of a floor polisher-like rotating machine to remove stubborn stains attached to the carpet's fibers. Unlike the case with steam cleaning, you can use your carpet within an hour of getting it dry cleaned.

On the flipside, however, dry cleaning doesn’t do an effective job in getting rid of all debris from your carpet. Thus, only a qualified technician can guarantee a thorough cleaning job.

It makes little sense to have dirty carpets in your house when you can have them cleaned by experts. At HappyNest, we provide unmatched steam cleaning and dry cleaning services to both commercial and residential clients. Schedule the service to get started.