12 Rhode Island Startups to Watch in 2020

It’s nearly the end of not only the year, but also the decade. We at Rhody Inno are celebrating by looking ahead and considering those startups who will lead the ecosystem in 2020.

But before we get to that, let’s set the stage.

If 2019 is any indication, Rhody’s tech and startup ecosystem is in for another monumental year. Consider the amount of funds raised (Example A), the companies that garnered national attentionthe jobs (and multi-million-dollar contracts) that came to the state, the campuses opened in the past 365 days alone. If Ocean State startups and related businesses can get that much done in just one trip around the sun, there’s no telling what it can do in the next 10.

That brings us to our Statups to Watch list, which is comprised of companies that we (and other thought leaders) believe have especial promise in 2020.

We’ve written before about what we consider makes a startup worth watching, but in case you forgot, know that we use various metrics to decide “to watch” status. One is fast-paced scale. Two, representation (and success) in local or national pitch competitions, funding rounds or by receiving significant grants and awards. Three, the startup in question is doing something so new and interesting in the ecosystem that you can’t look away. Ultimately, however, this list of startups — some who have been featured in lists like these in years past, some who are more established but haven’t had a breakout moment yet, some who represent industries that may seem far removed from the tech scene (at least at first blush) — all have one thing in common: sustained momentum.

If you’re curious as to the identities of this year’s picks, click on the logos below. Each tile contains a bit of the reasoning behind their inclusion, as well as a link to their site so you can check them out for yourself.

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Let’s meet the 2020 Rhode Island Startups to Watch.

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