How to Master the Second Semester

How to Master the Second Semester

Who’s excited for the second semester? You’re probably finishing up your fall semester exams right now and are looking forward to a nice long break! You probably haven’t begun to think about next semester besides signing up for classes, but we want to help you make sure that you’re ready to go. Below, we’ve included some tips and tricks from our team of college graduates – these are sure to  help you win the next term!

1.Schedule/Plan: The only way to conquer college is to have a plan. Before each semester, sit down, make a list of all your classes and obligations, and come up with a daily schedule. You might want to follow this schedule perfectly, or you might use it as a reference or a guide. Here’s a great template to use.

2.Organize/DeClutter: Before you leave your dorm for winter break, see if there’s anything you could get rid of. Old textbooks, notebooks, tired clothes, bowls you never use, anything broken or damaged, let it all go. Returning to a clean room will better prepare you for the semester ahead.

3.Make a Goal List: Focus on five basic categories, academic, health, emotional, professional, and social. Make a list, and put it in a place you can see. Find an accountability partner if you need it. Your list might look like this, “Bump up GPA by 3 points, drink more water, take 30 minutes to relax twice a day, complete a summer internship, and join a new club.” Whatever it is, stick to it! 

4.Prioritize your Classes: Every college student has to take core classes that are required by the University or classes that require less effort. In any given semester, you’ll have between 4 and 6 classes, a few of which might be more challenging than others. These will likely take up most of your time, but don’t forget that all classes will affect your GPA. It might be worth taking a hit on the most challenging course, but making sure that you ace your easier classes.

5.Enjoy Break: Enjoy your free time while you can. Take break as a time to see your family and friends, to unwind and to refresh. College is only 4 years long. Life is ahead of you, and you’ll have a great time, but a lot fewer opportunities to relax.

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