Too Cold to Care

Too Cold to Care

What’s worse than having the common cold? When all your kids have colds. Colds are a relatively simple illness. They’re not that harmful, but they can be really inconvenient and really uncomfortable. Below, we’ve shared some ways to deal with the virus, these aren’t really cures, or any sort of medical advice, but they’re proven to make the rough days ahead a little easier.

  1. Sleep: It can’t be a coincidence that most kids get colds in the heat of the school year. Granted, weather changes probably play a part, but if your kid is involved in a lot, they might be lacking sleep. This can wreak havoc on the immune system, resulting in dry eyes, the sniffles, and an itchy throat. Sleep can be a cure all. Encourage your child (or yourself) to get some extra sleep, and make sure to not stay up too late.
  2. Peppermints: Congestion can be a major side effect of colds. While this is more annoying than anything else, peppermints, or anything with strong scent, can be a great temporary relief. Some cough drops might have this effect too.
  3. Water: Drink lots of water. This and sleep work really well together. When you’re sick, it’s always good to stay hydrated.
  4. Stay Warm: Your body is working really hard to help you get better, so you should do everything you can to expedite the process. Wear wool socks, make sure your house is warm enough. Wear a hat when you’re out and about. Just stay warm.
  5. Warm baths: Warm baths are extremely soothing and can be a great remedy. Just take a nice long soak, the warm steam will be great for nasal congestion as well.

We hope that these tips help you and yours! When your family is sick, that often requires a lot of extra laundry. Since you’re playing parent and nurse, you probably don’t have lots of extra time to be washing all the extra loads that this  special time brings. Sign up with HappyNest, and focus on getting your family healthy!

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